This is Baileys

How does the most powerful flavoured spirit brand in the world2 find its way from cows grazing in the verdant fields of the Emerald Isle?

The unique blend of fresh Irish dairy cream, the finest spirits, Irish whiskey, sugar and chocolate flavour makes Baileys Original Irish Cream the definitive Irish drink.

A dramatic concept when conceived in 1974, R&A Bailey & Co’s new drink was the most successful launch of a new spirit in over 30 years. And today, is the seventh best-selling global premium spirits brand of any kind.1

Its success is attributed to its unique flavour. Because we only use the freshest Irish dairy cream, it means the flavours slowly seep into your mouth. On your first sip the initial flavours are released onto your taste buds. But as the temperature of the Baileys rises the flavours continually, change resulting in a symphony of flavours.

The blending process preserves the cream in a natural way. That means we don’t need to use preservatives and every bottle of Baileys is guaranteed to remain fresh for up to two years. Regardless of whether it’s refrigerated or been opened.

Vital statistics

  • One of the top global priority brands in the Diageo portfolio
  • Launched in November 1974
  • Sold in more than 160 markets
  • Has the largest market share of any cream liqueur brand in the world
  • The World’s No1 selling liqueur 1
  • Ranked as the world’s most powerful flavoured spirit and 9th overall in the Power 100 of the world’s most powerful spirits & wines brands 2
  • The 7th largest selling global premium spirit of any kind 1
  • Sales in excess of 6.7 million cases (Year ending June, 09)

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  • 1 Impact Magazine, Feb 2008
  • 2 Intangible Business 2008