Baileys Chocolate Macaroons

Baileys Chocolate Macaroons

Delicate chocolatey treats with a creamy Baileys twist.


    1 h preparation time
    15 min cooking time
    30 min cooling time


    Makes about 30 macaroons


    Little paper boxes or small decorative plates


    Up to 0.1 standard drinks per serve



  • 2 large egg whites
  • 120g granulated sugar
  • 50g ground almonds (shelled)
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder


Mix It Up

  1. Beat the egg whites well, gradually adding the sugar until a shiny, stiff mixture is formed. Mix the almonds together with the cocoa powder and sprinkle over the mixture, folding in carefully with a spatula to keep the air in the mixture.
  2. Place the mixture into a piping bag with a large hole. Squeeze about 60 small dollops (about 2.5–3cm across) onto a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Flatten each dollop using a small cooking knife and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C (gas mark 2–3, or 160°C fan) for about 15 minutes.
  3. Once your 15 minutes are up, turn the oven off but leave the baking sheet in the oven and open the door for about 5 minutes. Then remove the macaroons and leave them to cool.
  4. Warm the Baileys (taking care not to boil it) and grate the ready-made ganache into the liquid to melt, stirring constantly. Add small pieces of butter then cool the whole mixture until it reaches a nice piping consistency.
  5. Give the mixture a vigorous stir and pour it into a piping bag with a large, star-shaped spout. Give half your macaroons a dollop of chocolate mixture and use the other half to complete the sandwiches. Leave to cool and enjoy!

Serving tips

  • If you're out of Baileys Original Irish Cream these macaroons taste just as good using Baileys with a hint of Coffee Flavour.
  • A handful of macaroons in a small presentation box lined with tissue paper make a deliciously thoughtful gift for a friend.