Baileys Espressito Baileys Espressito 5 Baileys Orange Bliss Baileys Orange Bliss 7 Baileys Midnight Mint Baileys Midnight Mint 8 Baileys Chocolatini Baileys Chocolatini 11 Baileys eggnog Baileys eggnog 13 Flat White Martini Flat White Martini OUR CURRENT FAVOURITE 1 Baileys Honey Bee Baileys Honey Bee 19 Baileys over ice Baileys over ice 21 Baileys White Russian Baileys White Russian 24 Baileys Vanilla Silk Baileys Vanilla Silk 25 THE BIRTHDAY CAKE THE BIRTHDAY CAKE 2 THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE 3 Iced Coffee Iced Coffee Baileys CHOCOLAT LUXE OVER ICE Baileys CHOCOLAT LUXE OVER ICE CHOCOLAT LUXE MOCHA MARTINI CHOCOLAT LUXE MOCHA MARTINI Baileys Hot Chocolate Baileys Hot Chocolate 2 Baileys Irish Latte Baileys Irish Latte 15 Baileys And Coffee Baileys And Coffee Baileys Over Ice Cream Baileys Over Ice Cream 4 Baileys Baked Cheesecake Baileys Baked Cheesecake 4 Baileys Chocolate Panettone Pudding Baileys Chocolate Panettone Pudding 10 Baileys Chocolate Orange Cupcakes Baileys Chocolate Orange Cupcakes 14 Baileys Chocolate Macaroons Baileys Chocolate Macaroons 17 Baileys Chocolate Mousse Baileys Chocolate Mousse 20 Baileys Chocolate Orange Truffles Baileys Chocolate Orange Truffles 23 Baileys Strawberry Tiramisu Baileys Strawberry Tiramisu 29 For more inspiration visit 3 You’ll find a little bit of cocoa in every bottle 6 Vanilla is one of our secret ingredients 9 There’s fresh, Irish dairy cream in every bottle 12 Baileys was launched in 1974 18 50 million people enjoy Baileys every day 22 For more inspiration visit 23 More Baileys Drinks & Cocktails at 27