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Reclaim Her Name Campaign

Reclaim Her Name Campaign Hero Image

Reclaim Her Name was created to mark the 25th year of the Women’s Prize for Fiction, who we have proudly supported for the last 7 years. We re-released 25 books by authors who used a male or gender neutral pseudonym, putting their female name on their work for the first time.

The campaign was about championing female writers, something that the Women’s Prize for Fiction do every day.

Many people still do not know that some of the greatest works of literature were written by women. We recognise that historical and personal factors surrounding the relationships between a writer and their pseudonym or pen name may vary in every case. We also recognise there are many intersectional challenges that women may have experienced during these historical periods or in their lifetimes.

We hoped to ignite a conversation as to the many reasons why women choose to use pseudonyms and to bring these incredible books to more readers.

We will now be making the next steps to donate the Reclaim Her Name collection to selected libraries.

To find out more about the Women’s Prize for Fiction and their winners announcement click the link below.

Baileys & The Women’s Prize For Fiction

The Women’s Prize for Fiction was founded in 1996, quickly becoming the UK’s most prestigious annual book award honouring women’s fiction. Baileys joined the Prize as a proud sponsor in 2013.

Since then, we have worked together to celebrate talented female writers everywhere, championing originality, accessibility and excellence. We aim to shine a light on powerful female voices and connect them with readers across the world.

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