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Sustainability and Animal Care

Our farming partners are some of the most important members of the Baileys family.

Since the very first successfully crafted bottle of Baileys, we’ve been supporting Irish farming by working with some of the same family farms, year after year.

We work with them to create a routine for the cows and also for the flora, fauna, land, water and the farm crew. From making sure that the grass stays at its healthiest most perfect shade of green, to maintaining best irrigation practices and minimising waste where possible.

It’s not only to ensure our milk will continue to taste its best, but also so that future herds will have the same perfectly luscious fields to graze upon for countless years to come. It’s important too, that our partner farmers will have the ability to continue passing on the farm to future generations of farmers to come.

Animal Care

We, and our partner farmers, love the cows that make Baileys Irish Cream.

We’ve seen that look of recognition and awe on so many faces when we start talking about our partner farms and their cows. It’s like a lightbulb goes off – of course cows are involved in the Baileys recipe, which is why it is important that the cows are treated with such love and care.

Animal happiness is hugely important to us. For example, Joe plays his favourite music to help his herd relax during the milking process. It may sound a little funny, but that care and attention may just be the secret to the deliciousness in every bottle.

The cows hang out together on grass fed farms, exploring more grass than the eye can see, grazing for roughly 280 days of the year and only coming inside on chilly days. It’s important that our partners cows are comfortable, and to make sure they are, by giving each cow a stress test once a month by an independent technician.