Baileys Spring Shake

Baileys Spring Shake

Our spring egg-cellent shake.


Baileys Original Irish Cream
Large Hollow Chocolate Eggs
Meringue Nests for Stabilizing Eggs
Vanilla Ice Cream
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Syrup
Garnishes (Raspberries, Candy-Coated Chocolate Eggs, Mint Sprigs, Shaved Chocolate, Nuts)


  1. 1 Place chocolate eggs on top of the meringue nests.
  2. 2 Use a spoon to crack and remove the top inch or so of each egg, leaving jagged edges.
  3. 3 Combine 1¾ oz Baileys Original Irish Cream and 3 scoops vanilla ice cream in blender jar.
  4. 4 Blend until smooth.
  5. 5 Carefully pour half of the mixture into each chocolate egg.
  6. 6 Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and garnishes of your choice.
This recipe contains no more than 0.6 fl. oz. of alcohol per serving. Serves 2.

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