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Meet one of our Farming Partners

Since 1865, the Hayden family have been successfully running their family farm, combining farming rituals with a strong focus on the importance of biodiversity. The now fourth generation of owners Joe and Michael Hayden strive to preserve the natural heritage of their dairy farm, it’s their way of life.

“My work includes milking the cows and it is the most grounding and intimate of tasks on the farm. I have been milking cows here for over 44 years and my children reckon I have milked at least 3.5 million cows in my life (so far)” – Joe Hayden, Baileys Partner Farmer

We’ll paint a picture for you. From early morning to the quiet calmness that comes with each evening’s heart-warming ritual ‘goodnights’, Joe spends most of his time on his local dairy farm peacefully tending to his cows.

Joe not only knows the mother of every cow in his herd, but he can also identify which cow belongs to which extended family. And it appears this love is mutual, “when I return from a holiday or short break the cows give me such a strange inquisitive look as if to say ‘where have you been’. I really think they miss me.”