Baileys Espresso Crème

Real Colombian coffee and other natural flavours meet yummy Baileys Original Irish Cream for a big bold hit of wonderful flavour. You can enjoy neat, in one of our indulgent coffee cocktail recipes, or splash into coffee and hot drinks.

What's in it...

Milk and milk products (lactose included)
Alcohol Content
Nutritional Information
per serve
  • Energy (kcal/35ml)
  • Energy (kJ/35ml)
  • Protein
    0.9 g
  • Total Carbohydrates
    7.3 g
  • Of which sugars
    6.3 g
  • Total Fat
    4.9 g
  • Of which saturated
    2.8 g
  • Salt
    <0.1 g
  • Alcohol
    5 g
  • Caffeine
    50 mg
  • Explore Recipes with Baileys Espresso Crème

    • esspresso martini

      Espresso Martini

      Grab a few friends and try taking your martinis to the next level. It all starts with Baileys and espresso!

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