How about some VERY fancy Chocolate Truffles and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. Mmm mmm!
  • Baileys Salted Caramel Truffles 205g - New for 2023!

    With crisp milk chocolate on the outside, salted caramel filling and a hint of smooth Baileys, there are only three words to describe our indulgent chocolate truffles. Yum, yum and yum.
  • Baileys Strawberry & Cream Hearts Truffles - 90g

    Extra tasty fresh strawberries and vanilla, mixed with smooth Baileys Cream Liquor and encased in a crisp chocolate shell. It's just sooooo right.
  • Baileys Original Mini Delights Pouch - 102g

    Baileys Truffles might be mini in size, but they're maximum in indulgence. Treat yourself to their smooth and velvety taste.
  • Baileys Milk Chocolate Truffles Twist Wraps - 135g

    12 crunchy milk chocolate shells filled with extra creamy Baileys truffle centres. Oh go on then!
  • Baileys Original Truffle Bar - 90g

    Thanks to the extra creamy Baileys truffle centre, this crispy bar is choc full of indulgence.
  • Baileys Espresso Truffle Coffee Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar - 90g

    Enjoy. The. Best. Breaktime. Ever! Indulge in this rich coffee-flavoured milk chocolate bar, made with a splash of Baileys Espresso.
  • Baileys Chocolate Bar with Salted Caramel - 90g

    A crisp milk chocolate bar with a hint of the iconic Baileys flavour and oozing with salted caramel filling. AKA Seriously delish.
  • Baileys Original Truffles Tube - 320g

    Calling all Baileys and chocolate lovers. Enjoy this range of smooth, velvety Baileys Cream liqueurs combined with the finest chocolate ingredients.
  • Baileys Salted Caramel Truffles Tube - 320g

    In the mood for mmmm? Enjoy this crunchy milk chocolate shell with a hint of smooth Baileys flavour and oozing with salted caramel filling.