Baileys Recipes: Cocktails, Bakes, Hot Drinks and More

Cocktails, bakes, hot drinks and shakes. Simply delicious recipes using Baileys Irish Cream, helping you to plop a tasty cherry on the cake of life. We have created a range of recipes for indulgent teats and drinks using original, new flavours and limited editions of Baileys.
  • Dessert

    Baileys No-bake Cheesecake with Philadelphia Cheese

    This no-bake Baileys cheesecake is so pretty we almost don't want to eat it...but we can't resist! Made with delicious Philadelphia cream cheese, you can easily customise this delightful no-bake dessert based on the season. If you're feeling Easter vibes - like we are - you can top it with mini-chocolate eggs to make an easter egg cheesecake as a centrepiece for your Easter table. Or you can use fresh fruit or berries for an equally showstopping Philadelphia cheesecake!
  • Person pouring Baileys Irish cream into cocktail shaker

    Baileys Flat White Martini Recipe

    A deliciously decadent drink with a nod to a true classic. This Flat White Martini Cocktail is rich, creamy and indulgent – just the way we like it! Get your shake on to make one yourself and get the classic look by topping it off with the iconic three coffee beans – they represent health, wealth and happiness! You can make a Flat White Martini at home in just a few easy steps.
  • Chocolate, Cocktail

    Baileys Chocolate Orange Martini Cocktail

    Love Baileys? Love chocolate orange? Tangy, sharp sweetness meeting creamy chocolatey velvet. Tell me you don’t fancy one now I’ve brought it up…..
  • Cakes


    If you love cinnamon buns, then you're going to ADORE these Baileys Cinna-buns. Extra sofa, super sweet and always a hit with your friends.
  • Choocolate,Cocktail

    Baileys Mint Chocolate Martini Recipe with Baileys Original Irish Cream

    This Baileys Mint Martini is the ultimate combo! This minty Irish cream martini not only tastes amazing, but also has the most vibrant green color, making the perfect cocktail for your celebrations!
  • Cocktail

    Baileys Festive Chocolate Cocktail

    Delight your besties with an utterly choc-tastic wonder of a cocktail that's perfect for when you want to sprinkle a little magic. With chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, a splash of Baileys and topped off with a deliciously decadent shortbread cookie, it's an absolute dream of a drink everyone will love. The edible glitter is optional but very much advised for an extra pizzazz of glitz and glamour!
  • Cocktail

    Baileys Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

    Chocoholics assemble! We’re taking your hot chocolate experience to new heights with a true showstopping Baileys Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate recipe. Imagine velvety, indulgent hot chocolate bubbling gently away at the centre of the table and surrounded by the most mouth-watering dessert charcuterie board you can imagine - absolute chocolaty heaven! It really is the stuff dreams are made of.
  • Cocktail

    Baileys Eurovision Colada Cocktail

    Eurovision is back for another thrilling year, and we have one of our Eurovision drinks to enjoy on the night! Get involved in the excitement of the evening and treat yourself to this delicious, easy-to-make Baileys Eurovision cocktail. For that extra flair, because Eurovision is all about being extra, add a miniature disco ball for the ultimate Eurovision Song Contest vibe! So, grab your favourite cocktail glass, crank up the Eurovision tunes, and add a touch more luxury to your evening while you sit back and score the entries!
  • French Toast with Baileys Irish cream, cranberries, raspberries, and icing sugar on top

    Baileys French Toast

    If you aren’t reaching for Baileys French Toast at Brunch, then you aren’t brunching right.
  • Choocolate,Cocktail

    Baileys Pink Pitaya Punch

    Imagine delicious layers of chocolate, fruit and Baileys, all in one treat. Like Eurovision combines cultures and styles, this dessert mixes all your favourites into one spectacular delight. Tangy raspberries, rich chocolate mousse and smooth Baileys whipped cream all served in a fancy cocktail glass for added glam. And you can perform your own masterpiece with the toppings! It's the ultimate Eurovision indulgence to get your feet tapping and your taste buds dancing.
  • Chocolate, Cocktail

    Baileys Hot Chocolate Martini Cocktail

    Baileys has taken hot chocolates to the next level with a ‘the gram’ worthy movie night must sip, introducing the Baileys Hot Chocolate Martini Choctail. This co-conspirator in fun and deliciousness combines all you love of a Baileys Hot Chocolate with a cheeky cocktail twist!
  • Cocktail

    Baileys Espresso martini cocktail

    A bit short on coffee liqueur? Worry not, this Espresso martini cocktail recipe uses freshly brewed espresso, or even instant coffee if it’s all you’ve got!
  • Cocktail glasses with Baileys-infused cocktail and melted chocolate with hazelnuts

    Baileys Nutterlicious

    If you set out to find the thickest, nuttiest, most indulgent milkshake on the internet, then you’ve just found it.
  • Cocktail

    Tiramisu with a twist

    Get ready for amore at first sip this summer with the NEW Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail! This luxurious flavour will transport you straight to the Italian Coast!
  • Person cutting Baileys Volcano cake with a spoon

    Baileys Volcano

    Molten chocolate lava and a measure of Baileys, the perfect dessert for a not-so-grownup dinner party.
  • Ice Cream

    Cake Shake with Baileys Original - Milkshakes

    You know you're gifted when you can turn a burnt cake fail into a mega-yum Baileys milkshake with all the toppings. A Baileys Original Irish Cream cake milkshake is a great way to turn a frown upside down.
  • Glasses with hot chocolate and Baileys Salted Caramel
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Recipe

    It’s sweet, salty and oh so indulgent blend of hot chocolate, Baileys Irish Cream Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Cream. Treat yourself with a new take on an old favourite with our salted caramel hot chocolate recipe.
  • Decoration of Baileys-infused ice cream sundae with chocolate-covered pretzels

    Baileys ice Cream Sundae Recipe

    Easy. Delicious. And covered in Baileys. Why can’t every Sundae be more like this one? Baileys swirled over ice cream, one of life’s most delicious pleasures. What could be better or simpler way to jazz up your Sundae?
  • Cakes

    Baileys Black Forest Gateau Cupcakes

    We introduced black forest gateau to the classic cupcake in this recipe and we've gotta tell you, it's the best, most delicious love story ever.
  • Cocktail

    Baileys Chocolate Orange S'mores martini cocktail

    Treat yourself to a succulent s'mores martini cocktail using chocolate, marshmallow, vodka, and Irish cream.
  • Coffee

    Vietnamese Coffee

    Traditional Vietnamese coffee is a delicious way to enjoy coffee. Usually, Vietnamese coffee is made with just strong coffee – you can use espresso and add more boiling water, then let it chill - and condensed milk. And, of course, we’ve made it even more of a treat with a splash of Baileys! Making this Baileys Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe couldn’t be easier, and you can tailor the amount of condensed milk to your tastes, so you’re guaranteed to love it!
  • Chocolate

    Baileys Frozen Hot Chocolate

    Who said Baileys hot choccy was only for those cold Winter months? Not us. ESPECIALLY when you have this indulgent frozen hot chocolate as an option. Think of it as an elevated chocolate milkshake with a twist – we’ve named it the Baileys Shakeado! To make this frozen hot chocolate recipe – or iced chocolate – at home, you’ll only need a few ingredients, but, oh my, does this frozen treat deliver so much chocolatiness and indulgence you’ll feel extra spoiled!
  • Cocktail

    Eton Mess Martini Cocktail

    Baileys Eton Mess Martini Cocktail is the best way to indulge this summer!
  • Table decorated with Christmas ornaments and a Baileys-infused gingerbread trifle

    Gingerbread Trifle Recipe with Baileys Irish Cream - Benjamina Ebuehi

    This gingerbread trifle with Baileys recipe by Benjamina Ebuehi is so good you might want to skip Christmas dinner and head straight to dessert. We won’t be judging you.
  • Dessert

    Clodagh McKenna’s Ultimate Baileys Cheesecake

    It was only natural to combine two of the nation’s favourite sweet treats: Baileys and cheesecake. Whip up one of Clodagh McKenna’s decadent recipes, a true showstopping Ultimate Baileys cheesecake.
  • Chocolate, Coffee

    Baileys Chocaccino

    Whether you're on a stroll or lounging in the park, this Baileys Chocaccino recipe is made for those sweet moments in the sun.
  • Dessert

    Clodagh McKenna’s Baileys Easter Egg Cheesecake

    Irish Chef, Clodagh McKenna, shows you how you can put a Baileys twist on a classic cheesecake creating a Baileys Easter Egg Cheesecake.
  • Dessert

    Baileys Eurovision Parfait

    Calling all Eurovision fans! Get ready to celebrate with a delectable Eurovision dessert recipe full of fun and flavour. It's an exciting mix of everyone's favourite - cake! - with delicious fruits, meringue for a little crunch and delicious Baileys Irish Cream to add some extra indulgence! This parfait recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, the perfect Eurovision treat and definitely worthy of douze points!
  • Cocktails

    White Russian

    There's no better way to shake up cocktail hour in the garden than with this truly iconic Baileys White Russian.
  • Hot Drink

    Baileys Hot Chocolate

    There are many ways to warm up in winter, but why not indulge yourself with a decadent Baileys hot chocolate with all the toppings. A special recipe where warmth and indulgence collide, Baileys Irish Cream and velvety hot chocolate are a match made in heaven! Cosy, luxurious, indulgent, it's the treat you've been dreaming of with a delicious Baileys twist. Settle under a blanket, grab your favourite mug, and mix up this fabulous winter warmer to sip and savour at your leisure!
  • Dessert

    Pink Pancakes

    Pink pancakes just do it better, we don't make the rules
  • Dessert

    Strawberry Lava Toast

    Move over french toast, strawberry lava toast is here to stay
  • Dessert

    Baileys Spiced Apple Cream Doughnuts

    Honestly, who doesn’t love doughnuts. We would say they’re almost the perfect treat, but spiced apple doughnuts with a Baileys glaze might be the most perfect doughnut yet.
  • Cocktail

    Salted Caramel Martini Cocktail Recipe

    We’ll let you into a little secret that’ll get you the most indulgently frothy Baileys salted caramel martini cocktail possible. Shake the cocktail until you can’t shake no more, pour, serve then enjoy.
  • Hot Drink

    Baileys Sparkler Hot Chocolate

    This sparkler hot chocolate is the perfect companion for those sweet moments this winter.
  • Choocolate,Cocktail

    Baileys Douze Points Chocolate Cocktail

    No Eurovision night is complete without a showstopper, and this themed drink is definitely a douze points cocktail! The Eurovision inspired Chocolate Martini Cocktail has got it all going on! A splash of glam, a shake of sparkle, and the star of the show, Baileys Irish Cream. Bring glitz and glam to your glass as you sing along to every song with this perfect Eurovision drink!
  • Dessert

    Mint Choc Shake

    A delicious Irish twist to a classic dessert-yum! The flavours of mint and a hint of chocolate blended with our Irish Cream for a sweet treat, perfect for celebrating with friends.
  • Cocktail

    Baileys Mocha Martini

    A chocolaty twist on an Espresso Martini, the Baileys Mocha Martini blends velvety chocolate flavour into the beloved Baileys cocktail. Imagine smooth espresso, velvety Baileys Irish Cream and cocoa, topped off with the classic coffee bean garnish plus chocolate shavings! So, next time you're out with friends, ask for a Baileys Mocha Martini and watch everyone else want one too. And you can easily mix up this delicious chocolatey twist at home - the best of both worlds!
  • Coffee, Cocktail

    Baileys Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Cocktail

    If you fancy the suave appeal of an espresso martini cocktail but want to treat yourself, this one goes out to you. Oozing in salted caramel sauce, a perfect martini cocktail with a difference. Yum!
  • Coffee, Cocktail

    Baileys Flat White Martini Cocktail

    This cocktail is 3 of our favourite things all shaken up into one; Flat White, martini, and Baileys, of course!
  • Baileys tiramisu cocktail being poured into a cocktail glass

    Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail

    An Italian favourite meets an Irish favourite to create everyone's new favourite dessert/cocktail mashup.
  • Jars with Baileys S’mores and marshmallows on top

    Baileys S'mores Recipe

    A campfire favourite snack becomes an indulgent treat desert with this recipe from Baileys. When Baileys S'mores come out, you’ll be asking for s’more.
  • Cup with Baileys-infused affogato and a scoop of ice cream

    Baileys Affogato

    Make your afters ever-so-classy with a splash of Baileys and a shot of espresso (just don’t tell anyone it’s easy peasy!) This affogato recipe is easy to make and delivers big time on indulgence. Make this Italian dessert even more authentic by using gelato instead of a scoop of ice cream and throw on some chopped hazelnuts or pistachios! Bellisima!
  • Cup of Baileys chocolate coffee cake with vanilla ice cream, cocoa powder and blueberries on top

    Baileys Cake Recipe with Chocolate and Espresso

    If we said there was a better combo than chocolate, coffee, and Baileys, we’d be lying. This indulgent molten chocolate coffee cake with Baileys blends our 3 favourite things in a luxurious and tasty desert to be savoured
  • Hot Drink

    Baileys Espresso Hot Chocolate Recipe

    This cocktail recipe is a luscious coming together of the classic Baileys coffee and the iconic Baileys hot chocolate that has us holding out our mugs for more. Baileys Espresso Hot Chocolate recipe offers a warming and indulgent mix of caffiene and sweetness to kickstart your tastebuds.
  • Baileys being poured into a cup of coffee
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Hot Irish Coffee

    Coffee. One of life’s simple pleasures. Baileys Original Irish Cream. One of life’s delicious indulgences. Put Baileys in hot coffee and you’ve got a hot drink made in heaven. Psst – you can even make Baileys Hot Coffee with instant coffee for a super quick treat! If you’re wondering how to make Baileys Hot Coffee, it’s oh-so-simple and tastes like pure bliss in a cup! Top it off with some whipped cream for the perfect Irish cream coffee. Yummy!
  • Chocolate cream musse prepared with Baileys Irish cream

    Baileys Choco Mousse Recipe

    If you’ve ever shared food before, Baileys Choco Mousse is the dessert that will make you stop!
  • Baileys-infused latte with bottle of Baileys and small cookies
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Hot Coffee Latte Recipe

    Baileys Irish Cream goes so well with in a delicious latte! It’s everything your favourite latte should be - frothy, creamy, and packed with delicious Baileys flavour. You can adapt this latte recipe to your own taste using a different type of milk – almond milk works well – and adding different coffee syrups for an authentic coffee shop touch.
  • Baileys Hot Chocolate with Biscuit Spread
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Hot Chocolate with Biscuit Spread

    An indulgent combination of classic Baileys hot chocolate with the irresistible spices of biscuit spread? Count us in, there’s no way we’re missing this one!
  • Dessert

    Snowflake Shortbread Biscuits

    Crumbly, sweet and delicious - these shortbread biscuits are a real treat and the perfect match for when you want a little more indulgence with your Baileys. And you don't have to be a master baker to whip them up because they're easy to make at home with just a few ingredients. So, step up your treating game and add these delicious shortbread biscuits to your next shindig!
  • Dessert

    Salted Caramel Cheesecake

    Calling all fans of no-bake desserts and salted caramel cheesecake...that's all of us, right? Imagine layers of crunchy biscuit, a creamy Baileys filling, and a delicious salted caramel drizzle topped off with crunchy pecans. Incredibly easy to make and incredibly tasty! This is an absolute dream of a dessert. This recipe makes individual portions in jars, but you can also use it to make one large Baileys cheesecake if you don't have any jars on hand. No oven required, just a few simple steps and some chill time for a dessert that's going to wow!
  • Baileys-infused St Patricks data shake served on two sundae glasses

    St Patrick’s Day Shake

    Prepare to make everyone else green with envy with a minty, chocolatey St Patrick’s Day shake!
  • Decoration of Baileys Irish Cheesecake with salted pretzels

    Baileys Irish Cheesecake

    Dreaming of a dessert that's decadent and effortless? Look no further than this no-bake Baileys caramel popcorn cheesecake! All the indulgence of Baileys Irish Cream, sweet caramel sauce, delicious crunch from the toppings, and no baking involved! This Irish Cheesecake is perfect for fans of no-bake desserts because it comes together in just a few simple steps to create a show-stopping Baileys cheesecake for any occasion. Topped off with a delicious drizzle of caramel sauce, a sprinkle of popcorn and a salty crunch from caramel pretzel pieces. It's indulgent, tasty, and a real crowd-pleaser!
  • Cakes

    Baileys Crème Brulee

    A Baileys creme brulee recipe that's the textbook definition of dreamy. How tempted are you?
  • Cocktails

    Baileys Milkshake

    Sometimes, you just need a milkshake. We get it, we’ve all been there! And sometimes you want a milkshake with an extra special something to make it a real treat – because you deserve it. Make this Baileys Irish Cream Milkshake and live your most delicious life. And the best part? You can garnish this beauty to your hearts content – cookies, caramel, pretzels, chocolate…the (garnish) world is your oyster. Enjoy!
  • Hot Drink

    Baileys Iced Coffee

    Level up your next ice coffee by transforming it into a Baileys Irish Cream Iced Coffee. And, even better, it involves ice cream and a whole host of delectable toppings to elevate it from an iced coffee to a super-sumptuous treat! Even better, there’s really no limit on what you can choose to top this delicious drink with, load it up to your heart’s content and sit back and enjoy your handiwork. If you’re a fan of flavoured iced coffee, you can tailor it to your tastes with your favourite simple syrup too. Fabulous!
  • Dessert

    Clodagh McKenna’s 5 Minute No-Bake Cheesecakes

    Clodagh McKenna is showing you her tips on how to tap into the nation’s favourite pud, by creating a 5 minute fridge cheesecake.
  • Woman decorating Baileys infused chocolate cookie cake with Christmas ornaments

    Lily Vanilli’s Baileys Cookie Recipe

    Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree or pairing a treat with a Christmas cocktail, Lily’s cookies made with Baileys Original Irish Cream are the perfect way to celebrate.
  • Cocktail

    Paul A. Young’s Easter OTT Choctail

    Let maître chocolatier Paul A. Young introduce you to the ‘OTT Baileys choctail’: it’s pudding in a glass and the only cocktail you will want to share with friends and family.
  • Easter eggs decorated with hazelnuts, mint leaves, raspberries, and macaroons

    Baileys Easter Egg Shake

    Have your choc egg and drink it this Easter with this truly eggceptional recipe. Bringing chocolate, ice cream and Baileys together in a symphony of scrumptious indulgence, it’s the crème de la yum; the easter cocktail of easter cocktails that simply cannot be topped. Well, unless it’s with mini-eggs. An eggstra special treat, no yolk.
  • Dessert

    Frozen Chocolate Strawberry Clusters with Baileys

    Indulge in chocolate strawberry clusters, a tasty, sweet treat that has taken over your ‘for you’ page. Follow our simple and speedy batch recipe to transform your fridge essentials into a delightful bite. Grab your favourite Greek Yogurt, a handful of fresh strawberries and, of course, a splash of Baileys to make this tempting treat even more delicious. If you love this recipe as much as we do, why not experiment by swapping out strawberries for other fruits.
  • Cocktail

    Pistachio Martini Cocktail with Baileys Irish Cream

    If you’re nuts about pistachios, this easy three step recipe will become your go-to cocktail for an evening treat or the star at your next dinner party. A mix of vodka and pistachio ice cream becomes the base for this simple but creamy cocktail, made even more delicious with Baileys. Grab your cocktail shaker and shake things up with a Baileys Pistachio Martini.
  • Cocktail

    Matcha Latte with Baileys Irish Cream

    You’re going to love this a latte! Enjoy a creamy and refreshing Matcha Latte with a splash of Baileys for an extra layer of flavour. If your coffee is iced whatever the weather, then this 3-step recipe is the perfect elevation of your everyday coffee order. We all know Baileys and coffee is a matcha made in heaven...
  • Dessert

    Air Fryer S’mores with Baileys

    If you love Air fryer hacks as much as we do, indulge in our Air fryer s’mores, a delicious Baileys twist on a classic campfire treat. As simple as it is delicious, thick layers of melted milk chocolate and marshmallows are perfectly melted in the Air fryer for a gooey delight. Whether you’re craving a cosy night in or hosting a summer evening with friends, grab your favourite dippers and dig in.
  • Cocktail

    Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso with Baileys

    A Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso has been shaking up the coffee game everywhere, often enjoyed with oat-milk it has become a coffee lovers go to order. Of course, it’s our favourite of ours but we’ve made it a little more delicious by swapping out the usual oat milk for creamy Baileys.
  • Cocktail

    Iced Coffee with Baileys Cold Foam

    If you like and iced coffee, then you will love it topped with sweet and creamy Dulce de Leche Cold Foam. Add a splash of Baileys, a simple addition to your make your daily coffee recipe a little bit more delicious.
  • Cocktail

    Florentine-style Affogato with Baileys

    Taste an Italian summer, from the comfort of your own home. We’ve taken inspiration from the Florentine-style Affogato, a dessert coffee that pairs a strong espresso with a creamy gelato. Pour in a drizzle of Baileys, for the sweetest final touch. Perfetto!
  • Dessert

    Baileys No-bake Cheesecake with Raspberry

    This no-bake Baileys raspberry cheesecake is creamy, fruity and utterly moor-ish. It's incredibly easy to make because there's no baking involved at all. Imagine the creaminess of a decadent cheesecake infused with Baileys Irish Cream and a burst of fresh raspberries. It's even better with some white chocolate sprinkled on top if you really want to treat yourself - this is highly encouraged!
  • Dessert

    Baileys Scrumptious Birthday Cake

    A big birthday needs a big cake, and since every birthday is big, this is the perfect recipe - delicious, playful and truly, truly scrumptious. Don't skimp on the sprinkles for the essential edible celebration.