Dive into our two greatest loves... Chocolate and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. Deliciousness doubled.
  • Baileys 35g Chocolate Bar - Case of 20 bars - Online Exclusive

    The Everyday Baileys Treat. Treat yourself with our Baileys Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • NEW - Baileys Chocolate Collection 190g

    Delightful selection of Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Truffles with a hint of Baileys
  • Baileys Original Chocolate Selection Box - 94g

    A truly mmmmm-agnificent selection of luxury chocolates, including 8 extra creamy milk, dark and white truffles.
  • Baileys Chocolate Collection - 138g

    6 varieties of luxurious Baileys chocolates, with extra creamy milk, dark and white truffles, caramel hearts, almond square and the Coffee double 'B' square. Delish o'clock.
  • Baileys Chocolate Collection Box - 227g

    Our signature Collection box, one of the most beautiful presentation boxes yet, It includes a range of 20 Baileys chocolates. A range of favourites including milk, dark and white truffles, coffee, caramel and almond flavours.
  • Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombe 3 Pack - 130g

    Velvety dark chocolate flavoured with Baileys and full of fluffy mini marshmallows. Add to hot milk and stir for a cup of delish hot chocolate. Mmmmm Mmmmmm.
  • NEW Baileys Chocolate Giftwrap 272g

    Baileys Chocolate Truffle Giftwrap Collection - the ultimate Baileys Chocolate Gift