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What goes well with Baileys: 5 easy recipes to try at home

What goes well with Baileys: 5 easy recipes to try at home hero image

Who doesn't love inviting friends over for a catch-up with a delish Baileys over ice? Time spent with friends should always be a celebration, and these super simple recipes are the perfect treat to take your entertaining to the next level! See some our favourite ideas below.

What can you mix with Baileys Irish Cream?


The beauty of Baileys is that there are lots of ways to mix it up when you want to treat yourself. It goes well with hot drinks, like coffee, hot chocolate, and even earl grey tea. You can mix Baileys with cold drinks, working wonders mixed with cocktails like an espresso martini or a white Russian. In fact, you can mix Baileys with most spirits to make your favourite drink that extra bit yummier! You can even mix Baileys into delicious desserts to give yourself an extra treat.


What is the best way to drink Baileys?


The best way to drink Baileys is in whatever way you prefer, it’s really so versatile. But whatever you choose, just make sure you do it responsibly. If it's inspiration you're looking for, you've come to the right place. Below are five of the easiest recipes you can make at home with Baileys Irish Cream.



Baileys Flat White Martini Cocktail

One of our go-to Baileys cocktails is the Flat White Martini Cocktail. Baileys and vodka go so well together, and Baileys and coffee is already a classic mix! It's so simple to make at home. In just three easy steps, you'll have a show-stopping cocktail that'll treat your friends – or why not add a touch of decadence to your group’s movie night? All you need are a few easy ingredients, a martini glass, and a cocktail shaker and you’re ready to enjoy your very own Baileys Flat White Martini Cocktail at home.


Baileys Affogato

Who would have thought a dessert this fancy could be made so easily. This recipe is a heavenly mix of Baileys, ice cream, coffee, and cake – it's like a dream come true. Beautifully swirled together Baileys Original Irish Cream and deliciously rich espresso shots, mixed together with ice cream and cake. What's not to love?! And it's so simple you hardly need to do anything to pull it together. In just four easy steps you can indulge in your very own Baileys Affogato, it’s the perfect balance of drink and dessert, so go ahead and treat yourself!


Baileys White Russian

A dreamy mix of Baileys and vodka that's easy to make but looks like you're a cocktail master. A truly classic cocktail, the Baileys White Russian is rich and creamy and very creamy and smooth. If you want to add a little something extra to your creation, you can complete the classic look with cacao nibs, or add some colour with a fresh cherry or an edible flower. Perfection! Vodka and Baileys go so well together, and the Baileys White Russian is a delicious mixed drink you'll be proud to serve every time you want to serve something a little bit special.


Baileys Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream. Baileys Original Irish Cream. Two amazing things that combine to create an easy treat at any time you fancy – and you deserve it! Really easy to make at home, you just need Baileys, ice cream, and whatever toppings your heart desires. Try a good squirt of whipped cream, broken-up pretzel pieces to add some crunch, throw on some sprinkles, and you can even drizzle with chocolate sauce. It's your masterpiece! How will you top your Baileys Ice Cream Sundae?  


Baileys Hot Coffee

Finally, one of the easiest, most satisfying ways to enjoy Baileys is with hot coffee. Not only is this recipe beautifully simple, but it's also beautifully indulgent. Instead of adding milk to your favourite mug of coffee, add a drop of Baileys Original Irish Cream. And you can add your own garnishes to make this a special treat – we love adding a little whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles for an extra special Irish coffee. Why not try making Baileys Hot Coffee with a different flavour Baileys? Baileys Salted Caramel Hot Coffee is dreamy!