Baileys Desserts

Baileys coffee and hot chocolate for winter? Warm drinks can be found here!
  • hot chocolate and bottle shot of special edition recipe
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Hot Chocolate

    Sometimes life calls for a cozy hot chocolate. Why not add a dash of Baileys next time?
  • Baileys being poured into a cup of coffee
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Hot Coffee

    The ultimate in Baileys simplicity, perfect at any time of day and any time of year.
  • Glasses with hot chocolate and Baileys Salted Caramel
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

    It’s sweet, salty and oh so indulgent. Treat yourself with a new take on an old favourite.
  • Glass of Baileys Irish cream mixed with cold brewed coffee and ice

    Baileys Iced Coffee

    Do you like your coffee iced? Then we have a treat for you, and this one involves ice cream!
  • Baileys-infused latte with bottle of Baileys and small cookies
    Hot Drink

    Baileys Latte

    It’s everything your favourite latte should be; frothy, creamy, and packed with delicious Baileys flavour.
  • Decoration of Baileys-infused ice cream sundae with chocolate-covered pretzels

    Baileys Ice Cream Sundae

    Easy. Delicious. And covered in Baileys. Why can’t every Sundae be more like this one?
  • Hot Drinks

    Baileys S'mores Shot

    Try Baileys S'mores in toasted marshmallows