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We’re very happy to welcome you to the third annual Baileys Treat Report; the most delicious way to explore our treat trend predictions for 2022. Once again, we’ve partnered with food futurologist, Dr Morgaine Gaye, to cast her expert eye on what we’ll be treating ourselves with over the next 12 months, so let’s dig into a few of our future favourites!

creme de la


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Believe it or not, 2022 is the year the donut gets even better, and it’s all down to 5 simple words; glazed donut ice cream sandwich. Yum. Everyone’s favourite treat is getting more playful, indulgent, messy and decadent than ever before. The premise is simple, halve a donut (filled or ring, we’re not picky!), and sandwich it with scoops of ice cream, melted chocolate, fruity jams and anything else your stomach desires. These donut sandwiches will be popping up in the Chinatowns of London and New York, but we reckon it won’t be long before they take over the whole world.
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Made Sweet

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We’ve always thought treating was an art form, but this is next level! 2022 is set to see the rise of structural, sculptural and stunning treats take the form of edible pieces of art. This new dessert trend is going to set Instagram on fire with incredible treating techniques that are almost too good to eat… almost. You can find hyper-textured cakes that are iced to look just like oil paintings, or sweet mochi bites that are sculpted to resemble dream-like flowers, and with 3D printing being added into the mix, the only limit is imagination. These downright epic sweets are going to make even the humblest of treats a feast for all the senses, so get sculpting!
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inspired by


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Desserts inspired by nature are first up on our list, and how could they not be. Foods that glisten with iridescent gold, or mimic nature in the form of flowers and snowflakes are all on the horizon, but our eyes are drawn to the Geode cakes. Sugar work crystals that look like our fave amethyst or shining quartz are going to be a big inspiration for treating next year. Both visually exciting and mouth-wateringly delicious, these otherworldly shapes will embrace a world of colour and glitz while staying firmly inspired by Mother Nature. We see the glinting gems adorning jewel inspired cakes that will truly be showstoppers in every sense of the word. We love them so much, they’re one of our macro trends for 2022, so keep an eye out.
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