Baileys Desserts

A splash or two of Baileys makes cakes, sweets and cupcakes gooey, delicious and…gone. Life tastes better with Baileys cake recipes.
  • Baileys Red Velvet Cupcakes

    Georgetown Cupcake’s number one selling cupcake flavor, red velvet, is now infused with the award-winning Baileys Red Velvet liqueur – perfect for treating yourself or gifting your loves ones this Holiday season.
  • Baileys Chocolate Fig Pie

    Baileys Chocolate Fig Pie

    by Justice of the Pies This Baileys Chocolate Fig Pie is a staple for your virtual Holiday celebrations or small gatherings. Baked in a mouthwatering all-butter crust, the pie is then finished and topped with a Baileys Original Irish Cream-infused rich praline sauce.
  • Stout & Baileys Cake Jars

    Stout & Baileys Cake Jars

    This Stout & Baileys Cake Jar features 8-layers of Devil’s Food Cake stacked between chocolate espresso blondies, salted caramel jam, vanilla buttercream and a creamy Baileys Original Irish Cream white chocolate ganache.
  • deliciously light raspberry smoothie

    Baileys Deliciously Light Raspberry Smoothie

    Add some Baileys Deliciously Light to your next raspberry smoothie.
  • Baileys Birthday Cake Shot

    Baileys Birthday Cake Shot

    All you need to do now is make a wish.
  • Jars with Baileys S’mores and marshmallows on top

    Baileys S’mores

    A campfire favourite gone indulgent treat. When these come out, you’ll be asking for s’more.
  • Decoration of Baileys Irish Cheesecake with salted pretzels

    Baileys Irish Cheesecake

    Gone are the days of New York Cheesecake, it’s Irish Cheesecake’s time to shine! Yummy!
  • French Toast with Baileys Irish cream, cranberries, raspberries, and icing sugar on top

    Baileys French Toast

    If you aren’t reaching for Baileys French Toast at Brunch, then you aren’t brunching right.
  • Person cutting Baileys Volcano cake with a spoon

    Baileys Volcano

    Molten chocolate lava and a measure of Baileys, the perfect dessert for a not-so-grownup dinner party.
  • Chocolate cream musse prepared with Baileys Irish cream

    Baileys Choco Mousse

    If you’ve ever shared food before, this is the dessert that will make you stop.
  • Cup with Baileys-infused affogato and a scoop of ice cream

    Baileys Affogato

    Make your afters ever-so-classy with a splash of Baileys and coffee (Just don’t tell anyone it’s easy peasy!)
  • Cup of Baileys chocolate coffee cake with vanilla ice cream, cocoa powder and blueberries on top

    Baileys Molten Chocolate Coffee Cake

    If we said there was a better combo than chocolate, coffee, and Baileys, we’d be lying.
  • Strawberries & Cream Short, But Sweet Cake

    Strawberries & Cream Short, But Sweet Cake

    A delicious dream of Baileys swirled strawberries and cream dessert….in a glass. Perfect!
  • Strawberries & Cream Mousse

    Strawberry Pie Mousse? Pass the spoon. This Strawberries & Cream mousse will brighten up your day.
  • Strawberries & Cream Cupcake Frosting

    What’s the icing on top of a perfect baking night? Strawberry buttercream! Top your cupcakes with this fluffy recipe.
  • Baileys Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake