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Baileys Treat Report 2021

Baileys Treat Report 2021 hero image

If 2020 gave us anything, it’s a new appreciation for treating ourselves. The popularity of trends like freshly baked banana bread and warm cinnamon rolls show us how people have used their extra time at home to indulge. This year, we’ll be exploring even more ways to treat ourselves, and fun is going to be top of the agenda!

Let’s get playful

In 2021, we’ll all be turning to our food to deliver the fun factor. Bright, rich colours will bring total and utter joy to our eyes whilst fluffy, pillowy textures and creamy drinks act like a duvet day for our mouths. Think macaron ice cream sandwiches, mochi cakes, nougat crowns and bourbon peanut butter!

Sharing the love

Sharing the food we love has always made for a special moment, and though on pause for 2020, what took its place became something even more important. Movements like Vote Cakes and Bakers against Racism brought people closer through food.

Naturally delicious

Staying in has made us keen to get out and explore the outdoors. This year, natural inspiration will also translate to treats, with petals, leaves and even stems making an appearance: think edible flowers and cacao cocktails! We’ll also see sustainable ingredients and packaging become more normal than not.

A world of indulgence

There are so many delicious new treats to look forward to this year: from ube donuts, fluffy Japanese pancakes and sweet hummus, to glow-in-the-dark edible algae and whipped dalgona drinks.

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